We pride ourselves on our comprehensive Quality Assurance Program that we have established internally.  Maritech offers a Mitutoyo Crysta-Plus M7106 Coordinate Measure Machine with travels of 27.56” x 39.27” x 23.62” boasting a 1,762 lb table capacity.  We are ISO compliant and have passed several audits with our private sector customers to ensure our products will meet or exceed requirements.  We track and provide material certifications along with all quality documents as well as provide certificates of conformance for our in-house processes such as heat treating and passivation.  We use TrackMaster software database to track our QC tool calibration intervals as well as any other pertinent information that is critical to the functioning of our quality department.  We send every Quality tool out for NIST-Certified Calibration by a third party on a pre-determined interval as well as yearly calibration of our CMM by a trained Mitutoyo technician.  We also offer Hardness Testing in the Rockwell C Scale.